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You are looking for professional royalty-free music? You are looking for unique background music for your video game or video project? Or the perfect music game asset for your game dev project?

You don’t want to be satisfied with using a rigid soundtrack, but want to dynamically adapt the music to your game scene or the content of your video?

Then you’ve come to the right place: We offer you a stylistically wide range of soundtracks – customizable.

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Who is our music suitable for?
Our video game music assets are suitable for all game developers and can also be used for video projects. The music is customizable to the content of the video.

And of course all our music is royalty-free.

Working with our adaptive music may inspire your project. Experience the difference – for FREE.

The soundtracks and single tracks we developed are a free and modular construction kit.

To develop working single tracks is a hard job. There is a reason why there are only a few high-quality adaptive music on the market. We had to redevelop some techniques and designed special tools. Conventional production methods usually do not help. Because every audio file has to be absolutely consistent in itself. It must already function as a single track. But also in the whole song.

We test every single soundtrack. But not only that. We also create the final song with the single tracks. This is not only a quality assurance, but also serves as a demonstration of what is possible with the soundtrack.

In many use cases you can simply use the single tracks directly to create an adaptive experience in your video games. With fade-ins and fade-outs it is possible to adjust the music adaptively according to the principle of vertical layering.

But our soundtracks also allow another possibility for editing.

This further possibility is horizontal re-sequencing. This means that you can create your own sequences and loops with the single tracks that match your video game.

Our goal is to offer the full range of possibilities with the modular system.

With any digital audio workstation you are able to create all kinds of intros, loops, transitions and outros suitable for your project.

Of course you can use the audio files you create in this way in all tools that specialize in the integration of adaptive soundtracks.

An example is the software fmod. But there are also Unity Assets or Unreal Engine Assets that were developed especially for this purpose.

If you have any questions about one of our assets, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. The development effort and the planning to create the single tracks is high. From the beginning we take care that you can work intuitively with the single tracks and that you always get the best result.