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Our sound effects and music are royalty-free and can be used in an unlimited number of projects for any personal or business project worldwide, forever!

A simple license is very important to us. It brings you safety and clarity.


Purchase with confidence:

– 100% safe sound effects and music

– Royalty-free, no DRM, no content ID

– YouTube monetization

– Unlimited number of projects

– Licenses can be used worldwide

– Use in commercial games, trailers, videos and other media

– No extra license is required for games, software or apps


– You cannot claim our sound effects or music as your own

– You cannot register our sound effects and music in any store/ platform

– You cannot use our sound effects and music for pure audiopodcasts


Direct Download EULA (purchasing from our website via Gumroad)

This license document details the granted rights and restrictions for the use of this production music product in media projects and video games.

When purchasing this production music product, the LICENSEE (you) is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, synchronization license and master use license by the LICENSOR ( to use the MUSIC and the recordings of the MUSIC in this product, in synchronization with a game, film or other media project including commercial, profit making projects multiple times without further fee or royalty.

This license is only valid when accompanied by a unique purchase license number (e.g. Gumroad license number or order number), with it the LICENSEE may:

– Use the MUSIC in a game, film or similar media project where the MUSIC accompanies visual images (e.g. placing the MUSIC as background music in a game)

– Edit the recordings to fit specific requirements, such as trimming or compressing

– Create derivative works from the recordings for use under these same license terms

– Use the MUSIC multiple times, in multiple projects without further payment

In using this product the LICENSEE agrees that, if the purchase is refunded the rights listed above will no longer apply, both for future projects and for any previous uses of the MUSIC.

– The LICENSEE must not re-sell, re-license, share, make available for download, or otherwise distribute the MUSIC or any of its contents as a standalone files or as an audio product (including soundtracks), music service, sample or stock music product, whether paid or freely distributed

– The LICENSEE may not claim ownership or copyright over the MUSIC (see COPYRIGHT)

– The LICENSEE may not use the MUSIC, in any way, that constitutes, supports or advocates illegal activity

If a specific use of the MUSIC is not clearly permitted by this license then it should be assumed that use is not permitted without permission from the LICENSOR. Queries, or special permissions can be granted by contacting

Ownership and copyright of the MUSIC and any provided recordings of the MUSIC shall, at all times, remain the ownership of the LICENSOR.

No part of this agreement constitutes a transfer of ownership or copyright of the MUSIC and, as such, the LICENSEE must not engage in any activity exclusive to the copyright holder, such as registering the MUSIC with royalty collection agencies, content ID systems, publishing it as a stock music product, selling or distributing it or otherwise claiming ownership.

This license does not provide permission to sell or freely distribute the MUSIC in a soundtrack product (e.g. a game soundtrack album sold on iTunes).

By purchasing this product and using the MUSIC, the LICENSEE agrees to the terms of this license.